New Lapiplasty® Treatment Helping Bunion Sufferers Get Back On Their Feet Faster

May 7, 2019— West Virginia University Hospital’s orthopedic surgeon Dr. Robert Santrock told CBS affiliate KDKA-TV that many people mistakenly believe bunions can be corrected by shaving down the protruding bone near the big toe. However, a bunion may return over time if the unstable joint, which allows the bone to move out of alignment, is not addressed. That is why he is offering patients the new Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction™ Procedure. It realigns the bone in all three dimensions and permanently secures the unstable joint in place with special titanium plates and screws, which allows for earlier weight-bearing than traditional bunionectomies. And, because Dr. Santrock’s average patient age is 45, the ability to early weight-bear after a Lapiplasty® Procedure is particularly important because “They are working, they have children, they have events to go to.”

Patient Ann Oxley opted for the procedure after the pain from her bunion was impacting her ability to keep up with her children. Following the procedure, she was able to get back on her feet quickly in a walking boot, and after three months she was able to return to her normal activities with no restrictions.


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