New Treatment Method Give Improved Bunion Relief

June 6, 2019 – In an interview with WALB-TV in South Georgia, Dr. Eric Massa at Ankle and Foot Associates in Tifton, GA highlights many of the advantages of Lapiplasty ® 3D Bunion Correction™, including the fact that the procedure works to correct a bunion “on three different anatomical planes to treat the bunion at the root cause” and “lock the unstable joint in place.” The recovery (return to weightbearing in a boot) used to take up to six weeks after the old procedure, but with the Lapiplasty® Procedure, it could take only three days.

Before the procedure, patient Sunny Ross was really embarrassed and self conscious about her feet. “Before the operation I was very self-conscious about it [the bunion]. I have had the bunion ever since I could remember. I remember being five years old at the pool parties trying to hide my foot, because people were noticing it and ask questions about it,” said Ross. She now says she is more confident and active, able to walk comfortably in heels.


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